Examples of past requests

Our contractor seems unable to finish our project

We assessed the status of the unfinished project in comparison with the project plan and the agreed budget, gave advice on how to proceed in communicating and resolving the conflict, and how to finish the project.

Our hardware is old

We reviewed the existing software systems to gather the requirements, and consulted the management regarding expectations and business strategy.

Based on all requirements, we developed multiple solutions to procure hardware or move the software system into the cloud, with an appropriate recommendation.

Modernize our 10 year old software

First, we identified components, which need to be updated/replaced, and developed a project plan such that the software can still be deployed regularly, keeping the overhead of unshipped changes low. This eases the transition and avoids the need to maintain two versions.

Additionally, we completed multiple of the project steps ourselves.

The IT of our organization is unclear

First, we assessed the purchased services and the contracts, and gathered the requirements and future vision of the organization with the executive board.

Next, we identified possible services, which fulfill the requirements, and developed an integrated IT strategy for the short- and mid-term future.

Is our software complying to legal GDPR recommendations?

The customer already acquired legal advice regarding GDPR, but was unsure if the existing software system complies.

We reviewed the software system in place, identified multiple compliancy issues, and resolved them.

Our marketing campaign was so successful, our fulfillment cannot keep up

The logistic processes of the customer were overstrained with additional giveaways, coming from a marketing campaign which was more successful than anticipated.

We recommended a solution to cope with the temporary increase in unusual workload.

We lose knowledge when staff changes

The organization lost developed processes, best-practices and knowledge when staff changes occurred.

We developed templates and processes, and recommended IT solutions to manage and preserve acquired knowledge.

Accompany the EOL of our software

An existing software system should be superseded with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We were tasked to map and export the existing data for a migration.

We need to support IAB TCF

The customer needed to support the IAB TCF standard for advertisement, and needed consultation in understanding the aforementioned standard and requested a conforming implementation.

Are our backup processes adequate?

We assessed the backup processes in place, identified issues regarding security and consistency, and corrected these problems.

We encounter deadlocks, transaction errors and data inconsistency in our DB

We reviewed the database transaction handling and the control flows of a large code base, and identified issues regarding the handling of exceptions, and the start and rollback of transactions.

We finalized an existing semi-finished implementation of a transaction abstraction, fixed multiple bugs regarding usage of the transaction abstraction, and gave recommendations on how to improve static code analysis to prevent further broken control flows.

MariaDB server hangs

The MariaDB process stopped serving any requests, thus blocked the web server and lead to an unaccessible software system.

After debugging the MariaDB instance on the operating system level, it became clear that the futex blocked. Further debugging revealed that the clock of the virtual machine deviated unexpectedly and caused the starving of processes.

Implement a DBAL

The customer wanted to benefit from having a database abstraction layer, but did not want to use an existing solution due to licensing issues.

We implemented a custom DBAL by specifying a domain-specific abstraction to model SQL queries. Then, we replaced the existing abstraction layer with the new one. Further, we implemented the logic to transform the abstract SQL query to the underlying database with the possibility to support different database systems.

New service should utilize hyperscalable AWS Lambda

For a new service with highly fluctuating demand for resources, a customer requested a custom software solution.

We developed and implemented the software with automatic deployment to an AWS lambda instance.

Our infrastructure is underperforming regarding bandwidth

We investigated the issue with technicians on-site and helped them isolate the issue.

We pinpointed the issue to a hardware firewall, which was not delivering the expected performance. Further, we advised on how to approach the vendor regarding resolving the issue.